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Soccer Arena is a decentralized NFT soccer (a.k.a. football) game based on BlockChain technology from Polygon (MATIC) and BSC (Binance), where players can find the perfect mix between soccer and cryptocurrencies.

As a Manager, you’ll be able to build your team with your own unique players, train, improve and trade them, and play across different competitions to earn rewards. However, unlike traditional games, your team, players and stadiums will belong to you, forever, being not only the owner but also free to operate (or sell them on the marketplace or OpenSea) with them. Each NFT in the game is ERC-721 standard compliance, being the full owner of the token.

Unlike other NFT games, Soccer Arena is focused on gamers, with an addictive gameplay, long-term sustainable economy, and strong measures to prevent bots, traders or large whales not interested in the game from destroying its economy and thus negatively affecting the user. In this way, everything you get from the beginning will belong to you, increasing its value over time.

As if all this were not enough, Soccer Arena and its future depends on you. We want the future of the game to be built by the community of players, for which there will be a DAO that will allow the Governance of all the decisions of the game.


Soccer Arena offers three different gameplays depending on your preferences:

Full Automated on-chain

In this mode, the result is fully decided on-chain. When deciding who wins/loses a match several factors are taken into account. The most important are the overall team stats, which are formed based on the individual attributes of its players. But there are also other relevant factors in order to have the best chance of winning a match, such as the lineup. A lineup can work well against one team, but poorly against another team. It will depend on the other team’s lineup as well as its capabilities whether it works better or worse. A team with an aggressive lineup and offensive points will be more likely to score goals against a team with a weak defense, but may also concede more goals against a team with another strong offense. Thus, a Manager should define the best strategy as he gains experience in the game. Simulated one-to-one matches will allow you to refine your strategy.

To sum up, the probability of winning a match depends on the following factors:

  • Team offensive points.
  • Team defensive points.
  • Team harmony.
  • Teams lineups.
  • Opposing team characteristics.

Therefore, when facing two teams with the same points, our team can be more or less effective depending on the strategy we use.

Turn-based Player-vs-Player (PvP)

This mode requires both players to be on-line when playing a match having a strong emphasis on the multiplayer experience. In turn-based PvP strategy plays an important role. However, not only strategy and manager’s expertise is important, but also a good team that supports your actions.

Turn-based PvP matches will be public and streamed so that anyone can watch them and even bet on them.

In this game mode there will be three different continental timezones, and there will be competitions in each timezone.

Full 3D Player-vs-Player (PvP)

For those who prefer a real time game, a full 3D PvP version will be available in the near future. The football manager experience in Soccer Arena will be as close to the real thing as a game can get.

Full 3D PvP matches will be public and streamed as well, so that anyone can watch them and even bet on them.


Soccer Arena, unlike other games, is designed by and for the user/gamer. It is for them that several actions have been carried out to ensure long-term sustainable and fun gameplay while keeping the Token as stable with long-term growth as possible. We cannot promise you unlimited millionaire income like other games do, that end up going bankrupt after a few weeks, because we would be lying to our users. That’s why we prefer to use an honest, transparent and sustainable approach.

On the one hand, we’ve developed the Antibot Arsenal that will limit the bots’ actions in the pre-sale, buying-selling and trading of the Token. It will therefore be a token for users.

On the other hand, there is also a fixed and limited supply of the Token, to prevent the token from being inflationary and losing value. Given its limited mintage and the generation of a large pool of liquidity, we ensure that the value of the Token cannot be vastly devalued, losing all its value as occurs in other games. In this way, if in the future you decide to leave the game, you would not lose your investment.

Additionally, measures have been established such as Token Burning to obtain a deflationary token over time, further increasing its value over time.

Furthermore, with private leagues and cups, users can play with their friends with no cost at all.

And finally, since we believe that the community is the most important thing in the game, there will be a DAO for the users of the community to decide the future of the game.

DAO (Governance)

The future of Soccer Arena depends on you. NFTs sold during the pre-sale will be “founding” NTFs and will allow you to be part of the governance of the game. The owner of these NFTs has a voice and vote, and is a way for the community to participate in the evolution of Soccer Arena.

In fact, there is part of the unminted token supply that can be minted by the community if it chooses so.

And what are we talking about?

New features, new interactive 3D game modes, investing in marketing to reach more players, buying official team rights, … the imagination of the community is the limit. You decide!

Join and be part of our Community

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~Big Love from Team SoccerArena ❤️



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Soccer Arena - NFT Football Game

Welcome to, the ultimate soccer manager game! Soccer Arena is a decentralized NFT soccer (a.k.a. football) game based on BlockChain.