The importance of our Security and Transparency Policies

In Soccer Arena we are committed with three key principles: security, transparency and community. We believe in blockchain as technology for its security and openness. Everything in the blockchain is public and immutable.

But, how does Blockchain exactly ensure security and transparency?

Blockchain involves a chain of blocks that record transactions. Every block has a connection with the block after it, and those before it, and all of those blocks are open for everyone to inspect. As a result of which, it is virtually impossible for someone to hide or tamper with one record. This is because an attacker will have to modify a chain of blocks in order to avoid the possibility of detection. While this might not seem like a big trait for security, there are a wide number of additional characteristics of blockchains that result in additional security.

To be concise in this post, we’ll talk in more detail about that in a future post.

But we want to go a step forward. In order to be as transparent and honest as possible, we’ll publish all Soccer Arena accounts and what are they used for so that anyone can track the progress of every token used by the system as well as the current balances of our accounts.

As soon as the game launches on MainNet, we’ll publish all of the addresses, what are they used for, liquidity pool information, and any relevant information that we (or you) think can bring transparency to Soccer Arena.

However, transparency isn’t enough when dealing with crypto. Security is non-negotiable. Not all blockchains are equally secure. Termed by Vitalik Buterin, The Blockchain Trilemma addresses the challenges developers face in creating a blockchain that is scalable, decentralized and secure — without compromising on any facet. Some games opt for some blockchains leaving aside decentralization and security, which implies a high risk for the user. We have a recent example in Ronin and the Axie Infinity hack. Security is one of the main reasons why we have chosen Polygon as the main network for Soccer Arena. In a future post we will further explain the reasons behind this decision.

Unfortunately in the crypto world, we hear news of thefts, hacks and security flaws constantly. Even if the chosen network if secure, many of these failures are the result of not knowing the crypto development environment and programming language (Solidity in this case) and its particularities. Others are the result of the development team’s haste. A secure blockchain is worthless without secure contracts.

We are committed to security. Our team is composed of expert developers as well as security auditors to avoid possible vulnerabilities. Security is a fundamental pillar of the game, designed and developed from the beginning with security in mind (security first). We have spent several months developing and auditing the code to offer the users a secure and mature product.

Additionally, although we have full confidence in our team, in order to offer additional security and transparency, before launching the game we will perform an external audit by a specialized company in the sector of our ERC-20 token to further secure the code and avoid vulnerabilities exploitable by hackers.

As if that weren’t enough, we love hearing from the community. For that reason, we would be delighted to receive your proposals to increase transparency or improve security. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us to propose better ways to improve our current transparency and security policies.

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